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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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In the first hour, hosts Andy Shaw and Fr. Michel Mulloy were joined by Fr. Tim Smith to talk about reflections to keep us encouraged throughout the last half of this season of Lent, especially if we really haven’t been committed to growing in our prayer life. They finished off the hour with your calls during our Straight Talk call-in segment.

In the second hour, we answered if it is possible that music can affect our ability to engage more fully in the Mass and, if it can, to what level? That's what we discussed with Sebastian Modarelli, Director of Music and Liturgy at the Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Rochester, MN. Then, we took the 10-Minute Tour of the local events around the listening area! After that, we spoke with Bryan Wilburn and Sam Mettler from St. Paul's Newman Center in Fargo on the 34th Annual Bike Race between the NDSU and UND Newman Centers. Finally, we spoke with Bob Noel of the Diocese of Crookston to answer how we can invite those who have fallen away from the faith to return home to the Church.

In the first hour we answered the questions: "What does it mean to be a Man of God? Does it include a closer friendship with Jesus, being more present in family life, or being more involved in Church activities?" We visited with Fr. Paul Hoesing, Dean of Seminarians at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis and keynote speaker at the upcoming Men’s Conference in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. We also answered your questions in our Straight Talk call-in segment with Fr. Will Thompson.

In the second hour, hosts Frs. Josh and Justin Waltz visited with Sr. Anna Mary of the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus in New Ulm, MN about an exciting opportunity for girls in grades 7-12 to build friendships and enjoy lots of laughter, joy, and fun with the Handmaids. It was, then, time for the 10-Minute Tour of local events. Fr. Tyler Dennis of the Diocese of Rapid City talked about the theme of this year’s Pastoral Ministry Days: “One Spirit,” and how priests and laity can work together. Finally, Frs. Waltz took us “Around the World” to hear about events impacting Catholics near and far and showcased how, in each of these things, “Catholic Lives Matter.”

In the first hour, Frs. Josh and Justin Waltz of the Bismarck Diocese were Crushing It with Bishop Kagan live in studio as they talked about Confession during Lent. Then, Fr. Robert Horihan of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester shared his take on spiritual formation for the priesthood and the upcoming Bishops and Rector Dinner. Finally, we took your calls during Straight Talk with The Sons of Thunder.

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